Stardate: 20181218.22h34
Input Device: Raspberry Pi 3, running RetroPi
Location: Lab/Game Room
Visual: I can only see the shell.
Audio: Hum of servers in the lab/game room.
Energy: 50%
Mental: 50%
Emotional: Focused


Tonight I am in cyberspace, text only version, yay!  I am 
typing this out on the Raspberry Pi 3 that I have set up 
with RetroPie.  I am using a Head-Mounted Display (Sony 
HMZ-T2) for a display.  I have dropped down to the shell and 
the editor I am using is nano.  It's kinda weird, but at 
least I can touch type without looking at the keys.  Also, I 
am using a cheapy chinese clicky keyboard with no number pad 
and multicolored LEDs, which I cannot see since I have this
cloth covering thingy over the HMD to block out the exterior 
light.  All of this is a temporary setup since I just wanted 
something to work tonight.

I've been trying to get a similar setup going with the Nokia 
N900, a wired USB keyboard, and an older, "Face-Mounted 
Display," (Olympus FMD-250w) without much luck.  I've been 
able to do this previously, but I took no notes.  The 
display works fine with the N900...it's the USB keyboard 
that's giving me issues.  I'm thinking of scrapping the N900 
idea for this setup and just going with a Pi0w and 
considering it done.

The idea of this Head-Mounted Display + keyboard + computer 
setup always facinated me...reading about the Ono Sendai, 
jacking in to cyberspace, Lawnmower Man, virtual reality, 
console cowboys, 20 minutes into the future, watching 
cyberpunk films, appreciating cyberpunk art, listening to 
cyberpunk music, consuming the cybermedia, witnessing the
cyberfiction of it all materialize!  In my when and in my 
meatspace!  And if it's not here yet, dream it!  Or better 
yet, in the words of Dr. Frankenfurter, "Don't dream it, 

So tonight, I'm bein' all cybah 'n shit.

In practice there were always issues that kept me from 
"goin' all cybah" more often than not or advancing my 
curiousity further.  First was the nausea.  It makes me sick 
when the images move around so much and I am stationary.  I 
made the mistake of trying to play Unreal Tournament with 
the Olympus when I first got it from Akihabara.  Second is 
the setup.  Too much work for the time I am able to tolerate 
prior to cybersickness setting in.  Along with that is 
dismantling after use.  I don't like keeping my rig exposed 
and available for sticky kid hands or accidental mishaps.  
So jacking in to cyberspace in this manner is a treat for 
me, unfortunately, a limited one...usually a 3D film (with 
the Sony HMD) or a film about cybersomething...not so much 
computing (which, of course, is more fun.) A good thing I 
noticed is that I'm not getting nauseated over this log or 
when I explorethe phlogosphere, so perhaps those can be some 
other activities with the rig.  Maybe it can help with the 
distractions at work...

In dealing with my collection of old technology, I am 
discovering how spoiled I have become with the advances in 
technology.  Lots of things, like a standard USB keyboard, 
are a no brainer, assumed to function, and plug 
and play with today's tech and default drivers.  I had 
forgotten how much of a challenge it was configuring some of 
the old stuff and how cumbersome it actually was.  Those 
kinds of details I tend to forget.  The fond memories I 
recall are the ones of actual usage, of enjoying the 
technology when it is working.  Not in the troubleshooting.

With this realization and how much of a pain it can be to 
search for information that used to be there, or trying to 
reach back into the aging Long Term Storage of my mind, I 
think it would be in my best interest to keep better 
organized notes of the technology I am playing with.  I 
enjoy the upkeep and revisiting the old stuff every now and 
again, but my memories are more prone to corruption and 
fading as I traverse this mortal coil.


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