Stardate: 20181230.18h50
Last Modified: 20190107.14h30 (see ADDENDUM)
Location: Guest room
Input Device: Cybah Rig
Audio: nummuch
Visual: the shell
Energy: 60%
Mental: 70%
Emotional: accomplished.


EDIT: FMD is made by Olympus, not Fujitsu.

Currently, I am optically jacked into my updated cyber rig 
(cyberdeck?) The display is the Fujitsu FMD-250W.  The 
computing device is a Raspberry Pi Zero W.  The input device 
is a Fellows Stowaway folding USB keyboard.  Operating System 
is Raspbian; Editor is nano.

I had some time this afternoon to fire up my soldering iron 
and add a composite RCA jack to the Pi Zero W.  Quick job, no 
issues, easy instructions available. [1]  

The Fujitsu FMD-250W uses either S-Video or composite for 
video input.  Since I no longer have a "classic" Raspberry Pi 
with the composite video connector, I soldered one on a Pi 
Zero W.  The FMD was the device I had previously used with my 
Nokia N900...which I still want to get working again. 

What took the longest was the configuration.  It took me 
awhile to find a font size that I was happy with.  I ended up 
settling with using TerminusBold @ 11x22.  The screen is not 
quite wide enough to read phlogs without wrapping with this 
font, but good enough.  These pages were helpful. [2] [3]

The Pi is currently powered by a USB phone charger, but the 
display is using a wall wart.  I would like to consolidate 
the power and have the whole setup drawing from one power 
source.  It would be kinda cool, tho extremely geeky to make 
this rig mobile.  I would probably fit in with CrashOverride 
and his partners in crime at the phone booths at Grand 
Central Station...and look totally ridiculous to boot!

Here are some build pics:

Jack soldered to Raspberry Pi Zero W [4]

TV Test with RetroPi and 2.5" Pocket TV [5]

Cyber rig with FMD, Pi0w, keyboard, and battery. [6]

(BTW, what's the protocol for posting pics in the 
phlogosphere?  I've been adding them to my gophermap and 
linking them that way for download.  Seems kinda kludgy.  On 
the fence re: using HTTP.)

Even now, I'm already thinking of further upgrades.  It would 
have been nice if both channels on the headphones were still 
functional for audio.  Perhaps I can fix or find a 
[1] Instructions for RCA jack on PI0

[2] Terminus Font Home Page

[3] How To Change The Command Line Font Size

[4] https://tinyurl.com/yd3goskp

[5] https://tinyurl.com/y86ygxhh

[6] https://tinyurl.com/y82cbkxc

SDF's URL shortener seems to be down, just when I need to use it. 
*sad face*

---===<<<((([ ADDENDUM - 20190107.14h30 ])))>>>===---

FYI, I have replaced the following URLs:
[4] Jack soldered to Raspberry Pi Zero W
[5] TV Test with RetroPi and 2.5" Pocket TV
[6] Cyber rig with FMD, Pi0w, keyboard, and battery.

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