Stardate: 20190101.12h46
Location: Guest Room
Input Device: Cyber Rig
Audio: Brainwave, set to "Creativity Boost"
Visual: nano editor
Energy: 80%
Mental: 75%
Emotional: balanced.


I have been surfing...err...burrowing around this afternoon 
in the gopher tunnels (?) catching up on the back log of 
writings that have been posted over the past week or so.  I 
am also testing out my "cyber rig" modifications.  The 
display is face mounted, the keyboard is the AlphaSmart 
dana.wireless, the computing device is a Raspberry Pi Zero W, 
running from battery, with a fresh Raspbian Lite 
installation.  I also took out my "zero-gravity" lawn chair 
from Target that reclines back and has a head and foot rest.   
Quite comfortable with the cyber rig.

Jynx had discussed in his phlog entry entitled, "On further 
device segmentation (20181228),"[1] about his new mp3 player and 
using devices that do one thing well, like writing on the 
dana or using the UX50 as his PDA.  He also mentions how some 
people scoff at carrying multiple devices.

There was a time before the turn of the century when I used 
to carry a Nokia dumb phone, a big Motorola clamshell text 
pager, and a Palm III PDA.  All 3 of these were holstered to 
my belt since I didn't like carrying them in my pockets.  The
phone and pager were for work.  It was like Batman's utility 
belt.  Some of my colleagues used to scoff, but I brushed it 
off...we worked in IT so we should fit the part, right?  At 
one point, there was even a modular device harness system 
that I used to use that looked like one of those gun shoulder 
holsters.  It was called eHolster and it worked pretty well, 
but...looked ridiculous.  It would not fly to wear one in 
public these days, especially after 911.

Later on, devices started to become integrated.  Text 
messaging was combined with the phone, and the phone was 
combined with the PDA, like the Treo 650/680.  For awhile, I 
was using my Palm device with a small Sony Ericsson dumb 
phone (with data (GPRS, I think)) before integrating 
everything in one device.  The Treo 650 was my first 
integrated device, until the antenna broke and I switched to 
the 680.  I think this was also around the time when 
Bluetooth earpieces started to be common.

Fast forward to present day.  I've been separating my devices 
again and carrying even more.  I've surrendered to carrying 
around a "shoulder sling."  Some people call it a "murse" or 
a "manbag"...it's basically like a fanny pack, but designed 
to be slung over the shoulder.  I wear mine across my chest 
with the bag in the back.  I have outfitted the cross strap 
with my personal "dumb"phone (Sonim XP5700, doubles as a 
hotspot, runs crippled android) and work iPhone holstered to 
the strap for easy access and my Gemini PDA, folding 
keyboard, wired headphones, along with my other Every Day 
Carry items in the bag.  It's kinda like a bandolier.  I 
kinda look like a tourist with this rig.  To most people, it
probably seems like overkill with how much I carry.  I should
probably write more about that at a later date.

OK, I think I need to unplug and do something analog.

[1] gopher://1436.ninja/0/Phlog/20181228.post


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