Stardate: 20190113.17h42
Location: Guest Room
Input Device: Palm LifeDrive + PalmOne IR Folding Keyboard
Audio: Quiet house sounds
Visual: TV (turned off)
Energy:  65%
Mental 50%
Emotional State:  Nostalgic, rushed.


Quick note.

The sun machine has gone down and we're not going to have a
party...  Yeah, feeling kinda rushed due to the upcoming
departure of Sunday and the pending arrival of Monday
morning.  I did quite a bit today, but would like more time
to do more.

I did get to work on my device charging rotation, and with
that, I decided to take some pictures.  I have seen others
post their collections online and finally had some time to
round them up and take some proper pictures.

This is a picture of my handheld PDA devices.[1]  I put
them in a shadow box for the picture, but unsure if I
will keep them there.  My original plan a few years ago was
to build or acquire a display case and add charging and
monitoring, but I took an easier route and cobbled together a
ghetto charging cart.  The shadow box route might be
something to consider, but I need to ruminate on it more.
For some reason, I have a thing for shadow boxes from second
hand stores or garage sales.  I have a few in my garage that
still need a purpose.  This might be it.  Here is a picture
of the devices in the shadow box closed [2]

Aside from the Gemini PDA, most are older devices that run 
PalmOS, Linux, Windows Mobile, or GEOS.  I should label them
all, but perhaps another time.  I'd also like to put my notes 
about each device on gopher...which is currently a work in

Here is a picture of my current ghetto charging cart.[4]  I
think it was originally a cart meant for crafting supplies or
something like that.  It has 10 drawers that house the
devices and accessories.

Here is a side view of the cart.  I have some kind of straw
runner covering the sides.[5]

Here is the top view.  There is an old 1U 12 outlet power
distribution unit for charging, that I had to rewire since it
had a funny plug, a 10-port USB charger, my old CompUSA mouse
pad, and various devices being charged.  It still looks messy
with all of the wires, but much cleaner than my previous
setup (or lack of.)[6]

I guess this wasn't such a quick note after all.
[1] Handheld PDA Collection
[2] Shadow Box (closed)
[3] the xiled personal computing saga
[4] Ghetto Charging Cart
[5] Ghetto Charging Cart (side)
[6] Ghetto Charging Cart (top)

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