Stardate: 20190120.00h03
Location: Home Office
Input Device: Cyber Rig + Folding USB Keyboard
Audio: anonradio.net 
Visual: nano editor, messy desk in the periphery
Energy: 35%
Mental: 30%
Emotional: Success!  But annoyed by on call.


OK that was the suck.  I just lost my file.  My USB 
battery died.  I should test the capacity on that 
one.  I am now using a replacement.

So basically, I have been testing the Cybah Rig.  
During the holidays, I picked up a 4.5-20 volt 
step-up regulator from Pololu.  I am using it on the 
Cybah Rig for the face-mounted display (Olympus 
FMD-250w), which runs at 7.5 volts.  I have a 5 
volt USB battery that powers a Raspberry Pi Zero W 
and the face-mounted display.

Today, I had some time to finish up the Cybah Rig 
with the regulator so the whole thing can be 
mobile.  Not sure why, but that is now an option.  
I don't really have the mental bandwidth right now 
to write about it much so I have some pictures that 
will probably speak to the project much better than 
I could in words at this moment.  I'm pretty tired 
and also have a maintenance window to attend to 
until 3AM.

For now, here are some pictures:
Pololu U3V70A Step-Up Voltage regulator (back)
Pololu U3V70A Step-Up Voltage regulator (front)
Voltage Adjustment Screw
Adjusting voltage to 7.5 volts
Painting wire with Liquid Tape
Soldering wire for Ghetto USB splitter
Ghetto USB splitter
Components inside pen case
Closed case
Cyber Rig case closed
Cyber Rig case open
Cyber Rig operational
Cyber Rig diagram

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