Stardate: 20190623.2258  
Location: Kitchen Table
Input Device: Cybah Rig
Audio: Laundry Machine, faint sound of the television
Visual: Fujitsu FMD, nano, (uh, it's an Olympus FMD)
Energy: 50% 
Mental: 55%
Emotional: Mortal (just came from a wake)


So yeah, I just came from a wake.  A friend of 
our's mother had passed.  We were friends with her 
mother and we will miss her.  We said our goodbyes, 
offered our condolences and grieved and prayed with 
the living.  Thank God I did not get called while we 
were there.  I would not have wanted to deal with 
work then.  It's times like these that I need to be 
the most present for people.

So I think I need to think about something else 

This past weekend, while being on call and 
babysitting my phone, I had a chance to spend some 
time in the garage.  The family was out of town, so 
I would not be disturbed.  I ended up working on 
upgrading the Tree of Song.  I've been wanting 
to do this for a few weeks now, but haven't had the 

I'm not sure if I had written about the Tree of 
Song before...I'll have to check...I just did a 
quick check, but did not find anything.  

Also, I have been confusing the manufacturer of 
this Face-Mounted Display (FMD.)  It is made by 
Olympus, not Fujitsu.  It is an Olympus Eye-Trek 
FMD-250W.  I also saw some past posts where I wrote 
that it was made by Fujitsu.  Maybe because both 
manufacturers have mountains in the name and the 
display is "mounted" on the face while you trek up 
the mountain with your eyes.  Or maybe I'm just 
dumb.  Anyhow..

The Tree of Song is something I made for practicing 
my guitar in the garage.  It is made out of a mix 
of repurposed junk, tech, and  musical equipment.  
If you could imagine something that looks like a 
hospital or dental COW (Computer On Wheels) that 
was cobbled together with parts from a horder's 
estate sale, you would probably imagine something 
that might look like the Tree of Song...well, I 
don't think my words does the Tree any justice, so 
how about I just post some pics?  See below.  

I was able to clean up and rearrange some of the 
components, as well as upgrade the Raspberry Pi.  
There were way too many stray cables and 
components attached to the Tree, so I pruned it.  I 
had a Pi 3 in there but decided to upgrade to a Pi 
3B+ with a heat sink and fans.  Since it gets quite 
hot in the garage in the summertime, I figured that 
this setup might work better.  

The case is basically a heat sink with fans with a 
plate for underneath and it all screws together.  I 
was going to put it inside a LEGO case so it 
wouldn't be so exposed, but figured that I would be 
defeating the purpose of having a heat sink case. 

Here are some pics:
Here are some pics from February, 2018, when I 
originally put this together.  I made a diagram to 
label it.  Yeah, kinda geeky.

Tree of Song PDF images:
I should probably add this to my Projects section.


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