Stardate: 20191021.1536
Location: Home office
Input Device: Cybah Rig
Audio: USB fan, typing
Visual: nano via Face-Mounted Display
Energy:  70%
Mental: 50%
Emotional: crap


I took a sick day today, rested up some, and still
feel like crap.  I still got up and attended to my
parental obligations to the child processes and
went home and crashed for a few hours.  I hope to
feel a little better tomorrow so I can continue at
work.  I got my flu shot last week and I think it
is messing things up for me.

s afternoon I had some time to really read some
of the phlog phost out there.  I read daily, but
many times it is just to check the updates of
people I follow and not much time to comment or
leave feedback.

Speaking of which, I have not found a common method
of leaving feedback, aside from creating a phlog
phosts with reference to the phost that you are
commenting on.  I think this will be one of those

Earlier, several people have mentioned on their
phlogs about exploring further in gopherspace and
visiting other communities.  I have limited myself
to just reading phlogs on my list of links or just
following a few aggregators.  I know there is much
more out there...it is just not on my radar yet.  I
should spend some time exploring more of the
tunnels in gopherspace.  I do enjoy reading out
here and there seems to be more interesting people
that share about interesting things.

OK, I gotta disco from the Cybah Rig and continue
on a different device...


OK, it is much later and I have not finished...grr.
That happens way too often for my liking.  So many
interruptions before I can even finish a thought.
This is par for the course and is just my
resistance to accepting things as they are at this

And it is getting later than I wish, so I'll try to
make this quick.

For cat, regarding your phlog phost on 2019-10-15
[1], I have mostly been lurking on the network
radio channels here [2].  This has some decent
activity and seem to be a lot of OG ham radio
operators from overseas, which I find interesting.
I have not requested for access to speak and I'm
still trying to understand the "ettiquette" in
talking with these folks.  There is channel 06
that is open for this group, but I have only tried
talking a few times since I'm not so familiar with
this type of communication.  It is nice hearing and
learning from the old timers all over the world.

For those going through hard times right now, I
feel your pain as I am going through my own stuff
as well.  I send you all positive vibes *Akira
blast-style, woosh!*

[1] gopher://baud.baby/0/phlog/fs20191015.txt
[2] https://networkradios.weebly.com


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