Stardate: 20200719.1501
Location: the xiled rumination concentrator
Input Device: AlphaSmart dana.wireless
Audio: Brainwave app dialed in to Calm Reflection and Light Rain
Visual: USB Himalayan Rock salt lamp, sparce interior of the 
Emotional State: Relaxed, centered.


I am currently in the xiled rumination concentrator, a.k.a. road case 
space.  It is warm, but comfortable and there is a fan to keep the 
air circulating.  I'm sitting here, breathing, observing my thoughts, 
and listening to audio from a binaural brainwave app dial in to Calm 
Reflection mixed with sounds of light rain.

I am seated in the driver's seat of my '98 Honda Accord, which I 
harvested from the vehicle after it was totalled.  The seat is 
mounted to a furniture dolly with wheels.

 ###Just sitting

The walls of the xiled rumination concentrator are a black foam, 
which provides decent sound proofing and protection.

USB-powered Himalyan rock salt lamp breaths colored LED lights from 
its base. There is daylight coming in from the vents I installed on 
the top of the road case.  The only other light is the gooseneck USB 
light that I have attached to the USB port of the Alphasmart dana, 
which provides superior lighting compared to the built in blue 
backlighting of the dana screen, which is turned off.

 ### Just sitting

There is a battery-powered standalone thermometer/hygrometer device
that shows me the current temperature and moisture conditions on its
digital display.  Currently, the temperature is at 84F with the max 
at 84F and the min at 81F.  The humidity is currently at 36%, which 
is the minimum, and 46% being the maxiumum.

 ### Just sitting

Thoughts of hurry up and go do stuff come and go.  I continue to sit
and observe.

 ### Just sitting

I fix my gaze on the rock salt lamp, watching it breathe as I 

 ### Just sitting
The brainwave binaural programming is complete.  I bring myself 
back and go hurry up and do stuff.


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