Stardate: 20200728.2026 
Location: Home Office
Input Device: cybah_rig
Audio: Jason Jinx - Sm:)e Mix Session 2
Visual: nano editor viewed via Face-Mounted Display
Energy: 30%
Mental: 35%
Emotional: Tired, on call bleh.


So I am jacked into the cybah-rig.  It has been 
awhile and was inspired to jack in after seeing 
stuff online about cyberdecks.  Also, I have been 
getting a bit burnt from all of the computer 
multi-tasking I have been doing between work stuff 
and home stuff.  I think I am starting to get 
allergic again and need to drop down into single 
user mode.  Distraction and latency is high, cores 
are dumpin'.  And on top of that I am almost 1/2 
way done with my on call duties, ugh.  1 more week
to go.

Updated raspbian on the cybah_rig.  Installed and 
tested out omxplayer.  I've been meaning to try
it out since I hear that you don't need a gui to
run.  The video ran fine.  I'll have to test 
audio as well next time.  Lo-rez HMD is meh, but
still do-able.  I prolly wouldn't want to watch
anything >2hrs.

Even as I am writing this, I feel like I'm walking 
in mud. Whatever is going out there with the 
COVID-19 keeps going on and I don't want to waste 
resources on focusing on that.  The stuff more 
local to my areas of influence are more than 
enough.  I should try sleeping early this evening.

The boundaries between my work day and my downtime
keeps blurring.  Even on weekends, I still feel
like I am working, even if I don't work at all.  
Being on call now only makes it worse.

I don't like this.  Everything just feels like it is
on infinite repeat.  Before COVID-19, I usually 
worked only one day a week from home.  Now I work 
from home everyday and it will continue like this 
even after we receive the ALL CLEAR.  Things need 
to change for me to continue.

I think that is all I got right now.  Perhaps I'll 
have enough bandwidth left to do something less 
active, like consume something on Netflix and then 
crash.  Ugh.

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