Stardate: 20200813.2154
Location: xiled rumination concentrator
Input Device: Gemini PDA
Audio: Box fan, neighbor playing piano, crickets 
Visual: Fading and cycling colored lights, makeshift desk
Energy: 40%
Mental: 40%
Emotional: bleh, okay...


It has been a few weeks since I worked on the xiled rumination
concentrator since I have been so busy with work and family stuff.
Well, no time to work on  it today either so I am just occupying
the concentrator.  I have been using it, but mostly as a temporary
work/reading/focus space in the mornings or evenings since it is too 
hot during the daytime.

THere is a universal laptop docking station set up in here along with
a 23" monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse.  I decided to test out the 
Gemini PDA on the docking station and it mostly works except for the 
ethernet.  So what I did was plug the docking station into the Gemini 
USB hub/ethernet dongle.  So now I have video, keyboard, mouse, and 
ethernet in the concentrator.  Unfortunately, it cannot be powered by
the hub without reboot, but that is ok.  At least there is a large
screen with standard sized keyboard and mouse and ethernet.

Even though the Gemini runs Android, I don't really use many
of the Android apps.  I don't have a Google account on it and 
mostly sideload or load stuff via F-droid, when I use any apps.  I
mostly just use termux, fedilab, and T-UI for a launcher.  Oh, I also
use userLAnd quite heavily.

userLAnd allows you to run other operating systems in a chroot 
environment without having to root your Android device.  So I am 
now container computing on my Gemini PDA in a shipping container, HA! 
Yeah, bad joke.  Not really a container.  I have kali and debian loaded 
on here and I am able to install packages from the respositories.

The nice thing about this setup is that I am able to take my 
Linux desktop with me on the PDA and continue elsewhere without
too much fuss.  useLAnd can run a window manager full screen when
plugged into a monitor or you can use VNC and connect from
a larger computer.  The desktop is still quite small on the Gemini
screen so I mostly use a terminal when mobile.  Actually, a majority
of the tools I use are in a terminal.  Screen is my friend :D

So this evening, I thought it would be appropriate to check out the 
Gemini protocol, that was started by solderpunk, on the Gemini PDA.  
I have read so much about it but have not tried it out.  Yeah, I'm slow.

I was able to load the Asuka browser, which did not seem to run so well.
I probably need to check my config.  I tried Amfora, which seemed to
run better.  I did cheat and have it running in kali in userLAnd.  
I was able to visit a few sites and learn more about the Gemini 
protocol.  It looks like there is much out there to explore.  I
think it will take me awhile to get use to this.  I am so use to
using lynx for da gopherz.  Glad that there is another option for
Internets.  It might be better for me to install a gemini client
elsewhere and just run remotely via ssh.

It seems like doing something like creating a new protocol for the 
Internet is a big undertaking.  I applaud the efforts of solderpunk
and all of those working on the protocol and look forward to see how 
it evolves.

And now, here are some pics:

Termux running side by side with fedilab.	

userLAnd running kali	

The xiled rumination concentrator now has camo!	

Gemini PDA running amfora.	


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