Stardate: 20210912.1304
Location: Local cafe
Input Device: Gemini PDA
Audio: aNONradio - DJ Tisho
Visual: Wall of cafe, artificial plant, baristas in the periphery. 
Emotional State: Caffeinated, candy corn induced nostalgia.


For some time now I have been trying to learn songs from artists who
have passed whose songs I have enjoyed and have become a part of the
soundtrack to my timeline.  Most of the time I learn simplified 
versions of these songs with basic chords on the guitar and sing to 
honor their life, their passing, and where they have influenced me.

Lately, I have decided to start recording these songs just so I have 
something down and can remember playing certain songs, especially
when I am so out of practice or the time when I can no longer play
instruments.  The thought of that makes me sad, but it is something
that will eventually happen.

So I will be posting some of these song renditions to my gopherhole.
They will most likely be very rough and might make your ears bleed.
That is not my intention, so listener discretion is advised!

The one I am posting now is by Prince, or O(+>.  The song is, "When
U Were Mine."  You can find it in the "xiled's explorations in 
tunage by xiled and other people" sub-section of the "projects" 
section of my gopherhole or you can go directly here.[1]


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