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After building the Cigar Box Guitar[1], I got interested in making a 
DIY stomp box for foot percussion.  It seemed pretty simple and I 
did some research on the Internet.  I also inquired again with 
Chairman Tob of the Dubious Goals Committee, who meets daily at 
1930 UTC on anonradio.net and in the COMmode.  He provided me with 
some insight on the Cigar Box Guitar and is quite knowledgeable on 
the art of DIY instruments, some of which he plays during his show.

I basically made the stomp box from parts from cbgitty.com (jack, 
jack plate, piezo) and some parts I had on hand (firewood, 
repurposed CAT5, hot glue.)  The case is a piece of firewood, which 
I think is redwood.

The DIY stomp box was fun to put together and it came out pretty
good...well, good enough for what I need it for.  It sounds decent
and the parts were really inexpensive.  It already has me thinking 
of possible future enhancements and ideas.

Below are some pictures, audio, and video:

I took a piece of firewood, chopped off the end, and gouged a cavity
to insert the piezo, wires, and 1/4" jack.
Hole for piezo and jack
The wire that came attached to the piezo was quite flimsy and short.
I added an extension with a twisted-pair from an old Cat5 cable.  I
seem to keep accumulating old network cables with broken ends that 
I want to recrimp but never end up recrimping so they end up as 
scrap wire.  I probably should have just replaced the original 
wire in hindsight.
Piezo extension using repurposed CAT5.
The bottom of the cavity was fill with black hot glue to fill 
in the space between the wood and the piezo since the bottom was 
not flat.
Hot gluing piezo.
The piezo was sandwiched between the bottom and top layer of hot
glue to try and make things solid for the stomping.
Covering piezo with black hot glue.
The other end of the twisted pair was soldered to the jack.
Soldered jack.
Here is a sideways view of the stomp box with the jack installed.
Jack installed.
Here is the top view of the stomp box with an instrument cable 
Top view of stomp box.
Here is a demo of what the stomp box sounds like.
Stomp box audio demo
Here is a video of what the stomp box sounds and looks like.
Stomp box video demo

Cigar Box Guitar

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