Stardate: 20220117.1436
Location: xiled rumination concentrator
Input Device: xrc console
Audio: silence of the xrc
Visual: xrc interior
Emotional State: mellow


MLK greetings to those who observe!  Even though I did not know him,
I reflect on his spirit today in the legacy and the lessons that he
has left for us.

I have been too fixated this past long weekend on the NASes
(NASen?...Neese?....Network Attached Storages?)  Let me try that
again.  I have been too fixated this past weekend on the NAS servers
that I discussed in my last phost.[1]  I figured that I would just
stuff them in a 1U case, plug it in, and call it a day.  But no, it
did not turn out to be that simple.  It turned into a weekend
project.  Before I write about that, some background.

Over the years, I have been gifted some discarded rackmounted
hardware.  I've had a thing for rackmounted stuff for some time now.
It started when I dumpster dove a full-sized telco relay
rack and some rackmount shelves at the ISP I used to work for back
in the day.  It used to live in the dining room of my apartment
when I was single, moved to the bedroom when I moved out west and
got married, and eventually was re-gifted to a member of the local
2600 group.  My wife was done with having a telco relay rack with
all of the equipment noise in our bedroom and we were upgrading to
a larger apartment since my son was born.

By that time, I had quite a number of rackmounted devices with no
rack to put them in.  It's not so nice to have rackmounted equipment
just sitting unmounted on tables.  Rackmounted equipment needs to be
mounted to a rack.  Eventually, I found a solution that allowed the
equipment to be mounted and was acceptable to my wife.  What I found
was a desk that I saw at Guitar Center.

OK, I have been summoned.  Time to exit the concentrator.

m0ar l8r.

[1] gopher://sdf.org/1/users/xiled/phlog/2022/20220115_archive

     - 1U Raspberry Pi NAS (part 2of3, OK, I lied.)

     - 1U Raspberry Pi NAS (part 3of3)


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