Stardate: 20210502.1806
Location: SBUX
Input Device: Gemini PDA
Audio: Muffled SBUX Muzak
Visual:  City intersection, pedestrians
Emotional State: Grounded +5 Coffee Booster


I was thinking m0ar about the xiled rumination concentrator (xrc) and 
what it is.  The reason I am writing about it is because cat had 
tooted on mastodon about thinking of acquiring some kind of 
shipping crate and putting in some sound proofing.[1]  I saw this 
and had to post a link to the xrc project page [2] that I had been 
working on but had not phosted yet under my projects.  I'm pretty 
slow with the "documentation."  It is mostly just a collection of 
ramblings about the damn thing that I have phosted about in the past, 
kinda like my other project "documentation."

I keep working on the thing with no real goal in mind.  It just keeps 
evolving.  Last week, I "unlocked" another function.  SDF Open Mic
karaoke booth.  This past week, I participated in Open Mic, played
some guitar and sang, and hooked up my karaoke machine to the mixer.
I'm not sure how the quality was or how my levels were, but it
seemed to work out pretty good.  Sorry if anybody that was tuned in
was offended by my gawd-awful karaoke skills.  I know that the 
machine didn't think highly of it, with scores in the 30's.  I'll
just have to keep practicing ;)

What I have been thinkin is that the xrc is basically my attempts 
to satiate my inner child and maybe further attempts at not taking
myself so seriously...or even much of life.  This past year+ of COVID 
living, furloughs, layoffs, all of the half-truths, the coercion, 
the political agendas, the constructed narratives, the Karening, the
TP hording, the mean people, all of it, is just total bananas!  
Maybe the child in me is smarter than my adult-self and distracted 
me enough to help him build a bunker of sanctuary to protect us 
from becoming the fodder that fuels the dumpster fire.

Well, whatever it is, it is good to keep close to your inner child.
If you have lost touch, try to reconnect and stay connected.  If you
have children, go play LEGOs with them or take them to the park
and play.  If you don't have kids, gift yourself with some LEGOs
or build something in Minecraft or even draw a silly picture in
ASCII characters.  I highly recommend that everybody do something
to reconnect with your inner child and play.  I know that those 
activities with mine are really beneficial to my well-being.

Another thought...maybe I am also going through this because my kids
are teenagers and my inner child does not get to play with them as 
much anym0ar.  My children have outgrown my inner child. *sad face*  
So he gets to be stuck with me!  And how! :D  Look, shiny object!

[1] cat's toot
[2] xrc project page


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