Date: 20210221.2319

SONG TITLE: log_of_sound
FILE: xiled_log_of_sound.mp3



My first complete song evar! This is hard work for me!  I mostly 
play music written by other people or just noodle around...but this 
one is _my_ hot mess, LOL!

DIY cigar box guitar
DIY log_of_sound (which this song is about)
Lee Oskar C and G Harmonicas (played through the log_of_sound.)
Glass Medicine Vial Guitar Slide



I had this piece of wood, a fire log actually,
you know, the kind you use for fuel for the fire place.
It had been sitting in my pile and was nice and dry.
Good for inserting into the fire place.
It will help keep you warm at night.

Well, I took this piece of firewood and put it on my workbench.
The log was too long so I chopped off the end.
After I chopped it, the end fell onto the floor
and I had a shorter piece of wood.
I could make something with my firewood.

The piece of wood was placed in my bench vice.
I made sure the jaws secured the log and would not cause any harm.
A chisel and various tools was used to gouge a cavity into the 
side of the log.
I took my time and was careful.

A piezoelectric sensor was inserted into the cavity of the log.
The sensor was submerged in black thermoplastic adhesive,
which I had poured into the cavity of the piece of wood.
The log was set aside while I removed the thermoplastic
that adhered to my workbench.

After the adhesive had hardened, the wires of the sensor were 
soldered on to a quarter-inch audio jack that would allow for the 
sensor to be attached to an amplifier via quarter-inch instrument 
With the log on the ground and jacked into the amp,
it can be struck with your foot and provide some basic percussion.


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