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My friend Jamilla has been encouraging me to record my practicing
of musical instruments so I decided to put something here.

When I was a child, I spent 6 months in the Philippines.  One of my
memorable experiences from then was when my uncle would play these 
songs out of a pocket sized magazine that came out regularly that 
had the song chords and the lyrics of popular songs during that 
time, as well as some older songs.  I think the magazine was called 
Song Hits or something generic like that.  He would play the guitar 
and my cousins and I would sing.  It was good times!

Fast-forward to now, many of these songs are just the basic chords
and singing, similar to how we did it back then.  Most of my playing
is more of my own music therapy than anything.  It takes me back
and keeps me remembering.

NOTE: These explorations can be very raw and painful to the ears
and have been known to make children cry.  You have been warned.

UPDATE: 20210221 - My friend, Rob, dared me to write music, so I 
        tried.  Never wrote music before and don't know how it 
        works, but I'm trying.  See below.


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