Date: 20210303.2308

SONG TITLE: lawst_my_pretty_good_jawb 
FILE: xiled_lawst_my_pretty_good_jawb.mp3



This song is about the job I lost, 1-2-3-4!!!


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I was working at this job. It was a pretty good job
and I was pretty good working that pretty good job.
The work there did not seem like work to me.
It seemed more like getting paid to do a hobby, like woodworking or 

The people who I worked with there, we got along just fine.
I'm not a social person to begin with and typically kept my head in 
  my work.
Sometimes we were able to work together, like on a project or 
And we got along just fine, working together and sharing ideas.

Time went on, people came and went.
Positions changed, offices moved.
There were many things happening and I kept on working as hard as I 
My life continued to move along-side the work that was being done.

Things were just dandy at work.
Work day to day, week to week
month to month, year to year.
Show up, do the work, go home, lather, rinse, repeat.
Oh, the challenges were there but were never too difficult or 

This past September, my employer at this pretty good job had put a 
  meeting on my calendar.
I thought nothing of it and went to the meeting. 
At the meeting I was told that my position had been eliminated. 
I'm like what?

What? How could that be? How could my pretty good job be gone?
I've been at this job for 17 years! And now it is gone!
I was taken aback flabbergasted! 
As gasted as any flabber could be taken aback.

I continued to listen to what was being said, 
but couldn't really hear the words.
For some strange reason, 
the only thought in my mind was...freedom.


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