Stardate: 20210303.2347
Location: The Lab
Input Device: Dell 7202
Audio: from baudVision BMX Freestyle video
Visual: baudVision BMX Freestyle vid, ambient lab LEDs cycling color
Emotional:  Coffee gut, hungry


February is done and I am done with my feeble attempts at writing
music.  I was able to put together 3 unrefined songs, which is 3 moar
than I have ever written.  Not sure if I will go back and clean them
up, but for now, I have posted what I got.

First song was the log_of_sound, which I wrote about previously. [1]

Second song was lawst_my_pretty_good_jawb. [2]  This song is about 
losing my job this past September, which I also wrote about in a 
phlog entry. [3]

Third song was da_dumpsta_dat_cawt_fayer. [4]  This is an 
instrumental.  I couldn't think of a name so I made this the working
title.  I'll probably change it if/when I revisit the song.  Very
rough and unrefined.

This has been a very interesting and challenging experience for me.  
I am glad that my friend Rob encouraged me to give it a try.

Some takeaways:

Practice, practice, practice...mmmkay?
I can make music, even if it is crap, it is mine.
Know your tools.
Perfectionism needs to be set aside when I'm running out of time 
  and I'm winging it.
Scratch that, I should just give up on the perfectionism and just 
 get the ideas down from the get go.
Or as Voltaire has eloquently stated, "perfect is the enemy of good."
Or even better, the song is as perfect as it has manifested at this 
  precise moment in time.
Music theory and composition is something I should look into.
Same with standard notation.
There is so much m0ar I can do with music than I ever thought and I
think I am barely scratching the surface.
I should not short-change my creativity.  There is so much untapped,
  unrealized potential.

[1] 20210221_song
[2] lawst_my_pretty_good_jawb
[3] 20200923_unenjoyment
[4] da_dumpsta_dat_cawt_fayer


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